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Connecting the present with the future.

When it’s your time, you want to ensure your loved ones have everything they need to keep your memory alive. Whether it’s sharing confidential data, making final arrangements, or sending photos and video messages to loved ones — SEECURA ensures that the information reaches the right hands at the right time. 


An assurance against the unexpected.

SEECURA helps prepare for and protect against unforeseen events. It ensures messages to loved ones can be sent in the future, even after you have passed away. 


Accessible anytime, anywhere.

The SEECURA app can be used anytime and anywhere — while all information remains encrypted and secure. Final wishes are only made available following a thorough verification process.


Immediate encryption for enhanced privacy.

Once information is submitted, it is immediately encrypted for security purposes. That means it cannot be modified; it can only be deleted, recreated, or replaced. This system also ensures that third parties cannot view or manipulate the information.


Create, share, and send any type of content.


With Seecura, it is possible to create and send any type of digital content, including documents, images, and videos. For example:

Create a video to specify the recipients of personal items and why.

List hidden locations of important documents for the family.

Provide a trusted person with the passwords of digital tools (PCs and mobile phones) and social media, indicating how to recover or delete their contents.


Subscriptions can be purchased on Google Play and the App Store.

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What is Seecura?
Seecura is an innovative App that allows each User, only after their death, to send their own final wishes, such as messages, security codes, images or videos to family, friends, colleagues, and legal or administrative representatives.
The system ensures that nothing is delivered or made public before the User’s final departure, until after a meticulous certification process.
Why should I use Seecura?
Because believing that you have all the time in the world is all too common. Because some information should be kept private when you are alive. However, it may be important and useful to disseminate such information after your death, whether it is sudden or expected.
Because mobile phones, PCs, or the Cloud often store sensitive data. Some are useful, but other items are best deleted.
Because social life is online nowadays, and our profiles survive us.
How is it certified if the User is alive?
Seecura requests verification on whether the User is alive after an inactive period on his/her mobile. The inactive period is defined as the span of time when a particular device is unreachable. Users themselves set this inactivity time lapse and can modify it at any time.
Who is involved in the Seecura platform besides the User?
Each User must choose two Designated Parties and can identify an unlimited number of Recipients: the Designated Parties have the task of verifying and evidencing whether the User is alive.
The Recipients are indeed those who will receive your final wishes.
Designated Parties and Recipients may be the same.

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