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SEECURA is an innovative tool that will allow you to communicate when communicating will no longer be possible.

A recipient is selected from your mobile contacts for each message/final wish. A private, confidential notification will be sent to the recipient at the right time.
This innovative system offers a new way of facing the end of life by helping those we leave behind manage the emotional and practical aspects of our final departure or simply allowing them to receive our spoken words or instructions.
SEECURA helps you manage any type of communication or information on your behalf to your loved ones, collaborators, friends, partners, spouses, and children.

The message can be a photo, a document, or even a video of yourself where you address the recipient directly to talk to him/her one last time.
The App is designed to let you decide what to leave of yourself and of your life to others, thus helping to allay the fear of abandonment and of the unknown, particularly if this happens suddenly and unexpectedly.
Making sense of the end of life may be impossible. However, it is possible to depart with the certainty that we have left everything in order.
SEECURA has a specially designed control and certification system on whether you are alive. This ensures that nothing you have submitted is made available prematurely.


SEECURA is an act of love for ourselves and for others.

Did you know that dormant accounts are one of the main items on bank balance sheets? Do you have any idea how many insurance policies are never collected? Millions of euros that have been accumulated over a lifetime are often unknown to spouses and children, and continue to be available to banks and insurance companies or lost in forgotten safe deposit boxes.

SEECURA allows you to act promptly and actively, taking care of family and working life reorganization, ensuring that you have considered every emotional or organizational aspect, and every unforeseen event, so as to never be caught off guard. So that you can protect what you have built.
Often, anyone who has a family, has built a company, or has a network of friends wonders, “what will happen after I am gone?”
It is usually difficult to talk about death. We do not know how to deal with death, but wondering about it is an unavoidable part of our life.
For this reason, SEECURA plays an essential role in helping us organize our thoughts!
SEECURA was created precisely to help us all calmly face the unknown.
Not only at an emotional level, but also at a practical and financial level!


SEECURA stores and sends Final Wishes in a simple and secure way.
Above all, it does so only when it is necessary.


The procedure envisages several verification steps that involve both you and the parties that you have designated.
SEECURA automatically starts the verification process when your mobile phone has an “inactive period” longer than the maximum amount of time you have established and preset.
SEECURA sends an initial verification to your email address.

If there is no reply, then a second verification will be sent to the same address.
If there is still no answer, then SEECURA turns to the “Designated Parties.”
These are the two trusted people that you have previously indicated. Their task is to verify and evidence our status and, accordingly, confirm or interrupt the procedure for transmitting the final wishes.


Don’t worry. SEECURA uses a sophisticated, tested system to ensure privacy,
avoid interferences, and eliminate errors.


SEECURA has a specially designed control and certification system on whether you are alive. This ensures that nothing you have submitted is made available prematurely.
The verification steps involve both you and the parties that you have designated. The Recipients will be notified that the Final Wishes are available and can be consulted on the SEECURA App only at the end of such procedure.
Therefore, each Recipient will only be able to access the Final Wishes addressed to him/her after your Designated Parties have confirmed your final departure and only via the mobile phone with the downloaded SEECURA App.
A system that ensures maximum security when sending or receiving the Final Wishes.

Mobile phone loss or change
SEECURA only recognizes and communicates with the mobile phone on which it has been installed. Moreover, your password-protected profile is associated with an additional personal access code (PUK) to be used in case of loss of the mobile phone or for transferring the App from one device to another.

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