Managing final wishes.

SEECURA offers a solution to help loved ones manage both sentimental and logistical aspects of a person’s final wishes.

At an appropriate time, Seecura sends a private and confidential notification to a recipient selected from mobile contacts. The message can be a photo, a document or even a video where the person can address the recipient directly.

Seecura’s control and certification system ensures that nothing will be made available prematurely.


Securing future messages.

SEECURA helps prepare for and protect against unforeseen events. It ensures messages to loved ones can be sent in the future, even after a person has passed away.

The app provides a platform for users to document final wishes and significant details for their loved ones, offering comfort for the future.

Seecura plays an essential role in organizing the future!


SEECURA – When it’s time to send your final wishes.


SEECURA initiates the verification process if a mobile phone remains inactive beyond the predetermined time limit.

Seecura sends an initial verification email. If there is no reply, it sends a second verification. If there is still no response, designated parties are notified.

The designated parties’ task is to verify the status and confirm or interrupt the procedure for sending the final wishes.


A reliable system for sending final wishes.


SEECURA has a control and certification system to verify a user’s status, ensuring that no information is released prematurely.

Final messages will only be accessible through the app once the verification process is complete and the designated parties have been notified.

This system ensures maximum security when sending and receiving final messages.

What happens in case the phone gets lost or exchanged?

SEECURA is designed to work only with the mobile phone on which it was originally installed. In addition, a password-protected profile is linked to the personal access code (PUK), which can be used in case of a lost phone or when transferring the app to another device.

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