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What is Seecura?

SEECURA is the app that ensures the future of people’s legacies – on their terms. We guarantee that all information reaches the right person at the right time. This includes everything from documenting assets and sharing personal information to sending photos and video messages to loved ones.

How it works

SEECURA provides the freedom to create and share all types of digital content. Users can create videos, share photos, communicate what should happen to pets, indicate where important documents are hidden, and pass on passwords to social accounts. A flexible and modern digital safe plain and simple!

Security and privacy

Once information is submitted, it is immediately encrypted for security purposes. That means it cannot be modified; it can only be deleted, recreated, or replaced. This system also ensures that third parties cannot view or manipulate the information.


With Seecura by your side, your company strengthens its operations — and the way you interact with your customers. Our team works proactively to seamlessly integrate Seecura into your business processes.


Through our expertise, we provide your company access to all necessary materials and information so that you can offer Seecura to your customers.


We are always there for you. Our team is available around the clockevery day of the week. To assist you and your company with questions and challenges.

SeecuraConnecting the present with the future 

Everyone deserves to be remembered. Our platform ensures that a person’s wishes and thoughts can be passed on to survivors.

We ensure that people can communicate with their loved ones after they have passed away. With Seecura, you help people ensure that their loved ones have everything they need to keep their memory alive. 

Seecura is a unique solution that uses innovative technology to digitize heritage. By combining security and user-friendliness, users can feel confident that everything is preserved for the future. 

By partnering with us, you give people full control over their heritage. They have the opportunity to create and secure personal, and financial information, as well as share memories and messages with survivors.


Partner with Seecura 

The future of heritage begins with Seecura. Contact us, and we’ll tell you more about what a partnership can look like. 

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